Amphora wine, otherwise, nothing!

Since we have first visited Georgia in 2011 after meeting Kvevri Ghvino in 2007, we love amphora wine, natural, sincere and magical. So, we traveled to the right and left for finding Armenian Karas, Turkish Küps, Japanese Kames, Greek Pithos, Spanish Tinajas, Portuguese Talhas etc, and now know that everywhere there are always great wines made in clay jars.  To show you this wonderful hidden world, we created S.A.S. WOINO and then started the WAW project.

Let’s make the circle (WA=輪=わ=和=Peace) of WAW!

Wine is a part of basic foods, it should be the healthiest at low price.  In the past, everyone mixed all to make a single wine, « THE WINE ».  The grapes are born from the earth, they better end up on it.  Maceration is the only way to express the full potential of grapes.   To cover all, could you imagine other things besides « WAW » ?

“WAW” is our project in collaboration with VELIER.


Celler Escoda-Sanajuha
Celler Serres Montagut
Esencia Rural
Fernando Angulo

Italy & Slovenia

SRC Vini



Domaine Beck-Hartweg
Domaines des Miquettes
Domaine Milan
Domaine de la Tour du Bon

Georgia & Turkey

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